refraction; dislocation / Nightscape Radiation

Light Installation, 2021 2023

refraction; dislocation

This aesthetic investigation brings together the properties of light refraction through glass spheres and the placements and dislocations of spherical objects.

refraction; dislocation breaks blue rays into various paths. Disordered spheres lead the light into various splittings and exhibit the dislocations different ways. The interplay of lights that emerge in the surroundings accompanies the clacking sounds of the falling spheres.


This light study is a reference to calmness and meditative playfulness; breaking order; creating volatile pathways and distractions.

refraction dislocation - side view refraction dislocation - circuit board refraction refraction - refraction board refraction dislocation - refraction board


Nightscape Radition

In 2023 this work got further developed for Yuejin Lantern Festival 2024 in collaboration with Hsun Hsiang Hsu.

nightscape-radiation - full view

The artwork creates ever-changing light shifting through the refraction, reflection, and constant rearrangement of glass beads in the container, bringing the light out of the new feature.

Just as the light of the artwork shifts and detours in terms of contact objects, our own sensory experiences are reshaped and enriched by the medium, materials, and surroundings with which we interact. We hope to offer viewers different experiences in the nocturne views through the steadily graceful light variation; furthermore, we manifest a fresh perspective on our relationship between light, substance, and surroundings.

nightscape-radiation - close-upnightscape-radiation - full view


Yuejin Lantern Festival 2024

Nightscape Radiation
Yuejin Harbour, Yanshui
Tainan TWN
27.01. - 03.03.2024



refraction; dislocation
Kloster Neustift
Brixen IT
03.05. - 21.05.2023


Hochschultage 2022

refraction; dislocation
University of the Arts
Bremen DE
02.07. - 03.07.2022


Masters of the future

refraction; dislocation
Galerie Kramer
Bremen DE
04.09 - 20.11.2021


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