Pulse Visualisation, Installation, 2018

Bodytalk translates the heartbeat of two bodies into synchronous light signals. The installation has a mirrored setting of sensors and seating, arranging two individuals to sit in front of each other, with glowing light bulbs in between.

Bodytalk - Setting

Sitting on one of the chairs, the arm of the participants are recommended to be placed on the line, leading to the green light, fingertip positioned loosely on the puls sensor. Placing the hands in a position this close to each other, the setting of Bodytalk is provoking an uncommon nearness without evoking the participants to touch.

Exposing the own heartbeats to another person is the sharing of intimate information. This signal is usually transmitted haptically in situations of physical closeness. Bodytalk is presenting it visually to be observed by the other person and to be seen by oneself. Being aware of the reveal, face to face to your counterpart, might result in a stimulation of the own pulse.

Bodytalk - Usage Bodytalk - Plate Bodytalk - Electronics Bodytalk - Lamps


YouFab Global Creative Awards 2020 - Finalist

Tokio JP



Wired Narratives

Galerie Kramer
Bremen DE
23.03. - 12.05.2019


Hochschultage 2019

University of the Arts
Bremen DE
09.02. - 10.02.2019


Thanks to

Conceptual support by Prof. Ralf Baecker

Practical support by Lotta Stöver

Project developed at the Digital Media Bremen program

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